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"Here's just some of my work from home online businesses..."
Dennis Bay Website Design Services
I'm actually a creative person at heart and love designing effective, efficient, results oriented websites for my clients, students and business associates. If you need help with website design, I'm always happy to give some pointers.
World Ventures
I'm actually the 1st Director in the entire Asia for Worldventures which is a multimillion dollar travel marketing company from the USA. If you love travel and making money at the same time, join me and start making a living... living your dream lifestyle...
Read more about it here... was one of my most successful projects started back in 2008. It grew to almost 40,000 members on our mailing list of people around over 40 countries. Membership entry was closed in 2010 but we may have plans to relaunch it again sometime in the future.
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