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Internet Business Formula Workshops | 1 on 1 coaching program
"Do you want to be coached personally by Dennis Bay?"
Yes, you can get coached personally by the man himself...

Dennis believes strongly in personal mentoring and coaching 1 on 1.

Currently he offers personal 1 on 1 coaching if you are in Singapore, but if you are not in Singapore, Dennis is developing his online coaching membership program as well.

Here's more about Dennis Bay's 1 on 1 coaching program...

"1 on 1 face to face work from home Internet business coaching, learn at your own pace and achieve REAL hype, just pure hands on coaching..."
Now, this is NOT a 2 day seminar program where you will only come out with information overload...

This is a flexible ONE on ONE personal coaching program that consists of 28 hours (14 sessions x 2 hours each) per module of personal training to ensure you UNDERSTAND every single bit of information, skills and techniques taught to you.

You will also have ample time to practice these skills and techinques, ask questions and achieve REAL RESULTs over time.

Module 1: Learning the Basics

In this module, Dennis will teach you the basic concepts so that you understand clearly how to make money online working from home, the systems you will be implementing, how you will implement them and what to do step by step. You will also be practicing hands on all the techniques taught by Dennis during these trainings.

Lesson 1: Your Work From Home Internet Business Blueprint - 2 hours session

Lesson 2: Identifying Profitable Niche Markets - 2 hours session

Lesson 3: Domain Names, Hosting and FTP - 2 hours session

Lesson 4: Professional Blogging - 2 hours session

Lesson 5: Building Email Lists - 2 hours session

Lesson 6: Building Web Pages - 2 hours session

Lesson 7: Monetization Techniques - 2 hours session

Lesson 8: SEO & Traffic Generation Techniques - 2 hours session

Module 2: Putting into Practice

In this module, Dennis will be with you every step of the way as you put into practice what you have learnt. In fact, Dennis will brainstorm together with you about your PROJECT idea, follow through with you to build your website, get everything running smoothly until you see results.

Lesson 1: Create Your Project Business Plan - 2 hours session

Lesson 2: Register Your Project Domain, Hosting and Blog - 2 hours session

Lesson 3: Research and write your content - 2 hours session

Lesson 4: Integrate Your List Capture system - 2 hours session

Lesson 5: Integrate Your Monetization system - 2 hours session

Lesson 6: SEO & Traffic Building Activities
- 2 hours session

Watch some of my satisfied student's testimonials from my previous workshops

"Flexible, convenient timing, arrange when you want to get trained and just plan your schedule ahead of time with Dennis..."

No need to take leave from your current job just to attend a seminar...

This works like personal tuition...

Just arrange with Dennis before hand and make sure it's ok with his schedule. So you can have flexible planning for your coaching sessions.

"At the end of your 1 on 1 coaching, you will have a fully functioning online money generating machine... all you have to do is maintain it and watch your income from your business grow over time..."

It's like riding a bicycle, swimming or driving a car...

Once you get it, you never forget it...

And the next step is to keep DUPLICATING your success over and over again by setting up more "Work from home" income machines and making more money over and over again...

In fact, Dennis will be more than happy to work closely with you to develop future projects together as business partners...

"Be part of Dennis Bay's inner circle mastermind group..."


All of Dennis's students automatically become part of the "Inner Circle Mastermind" group and get access to "brain storming sessions", "insider information" about the next money-making work from home projects...

"However Dennis's time is very limited because he is coaching you ONE on ONE..."
Because Dennis is going to give you his UNDIVIDED ATTENTION one on one...

His time is very PRECIOUS and LIMITED....

So you must understand that this is NOT a group class where you don't have dedicated attention from your trainer.

You are paying for 1 to 1 time where it's ONLY YOU and DENNIS, that's it! No disturbance from another student, absolute 100% devoted time for you alone.

So if you are really looking for a dedicated coach to guide you on a personal level...

A measly investment of S$9997 , S$4997 , S$2800 for 28 hours of personal coaching is all he is asking for his undevoted attention and time dedicated to make you successful in your work from home business.

Or you can start with MODULE 1 first for S$1600 for 16 hours of personal coaching, then decide to start MODULE 2 after you have completed MODULE 1.

You can get trained at Dennis's office or arrange to be trained in the comfort of your home.

Dennis is so confident of his coaching methods that if you go through your 1st coaching session with him and you are not satisfied in any way... Dennis will refund every single cent of your entire coaching fees. This IRON CLAD SATISFACTION MONEY BACK GUARANTEE is to safe-guard you 100% so that you can feel safe that unless you are satisfied with Dennis's coaching program and his coaching style, you do not have to carry on with your 2nd lesson.
"Yes, Dennis, I want to be coached 1 on 1 with you!"
Now, Dennis can only coach a limited number of students each month... as his time is very limited...

So this is what you need to do...

1) Click here to email DENNIS with the Email Subject "I want to be coached"

2) Specify your name, contact phone number and when you wish to start your coaching sessions

3) IF you have questions to ask Dennis, just specify in the email as well.

Dennis will contact you personally and arrange a meetup session so that he can assess your level of experience and give you a detailed workplan for you before you start.

* Take note, this personal coaching is only OPEN to people who RESIDE IN SINGAPORE.
Learn how to start your own "work from home" business with Dennis Bay...

Just fill in your name and email below and get his
"Top 10 Secrets To Work From Home Success" e-course right away..."

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